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Writing For The Soul Circle

Writing in a ‘Love To Journal’ journal and being a part of a supportive community and circle is life-changing

With this membership, you get:

  • Love To Journal Course
  • Other courses as they become available
  • All of the Love Journaling Monthly Life Journals in PDF format (They are also available on Amazon as Love To Journal books)
  • Writing For The Soul Support Group
  • A weekly circle call
  • A safe space to be

Love To Journal Online Course

This course will take you through journaling, reflective practice and into creative life writing, plus every month you will get a new section based on this month’s Writing For The Soul journaling theme.


Coming soon:

  • Turn Your Journal Into A Book
  • Kickstart Your Memoir
  • Learning To Fly
  • Love Journaling – Life Journal

Each month you will explore key themes, with 28 journaling prompts:-

Each of the themes has been chosen to work together to enable to you reach the end of the month connected to your wisdom and a feeling inner peace.

Combine these with other powerful reflection exercises and you’ll reach the end of the month with a lot more clarity and understanding of you.

The Love To Journal Journal starts off with envisioning the month ahead, you then move into goals, desires and intentions.

Next, you journal through each week, with a daily prompt and lots of reflection.

As the month ends, you look at how it went and reflect on that ready for next month.

Writing For The Soul Support Group

In Writing For The Soul, you will find a safe space to share your writing, thoughts and feelings.

A Monthly Writing For The Soul Circle Call

Each circle explores this month’s theme or themes and ideas. We look at writing for:

  • Self-discovery
  • Finding and expressing your voice
  • Moving through old stories
  • Rewriting the chapters of your life
  • Allowing your soul to soar
  • Awakening your inner wisdom

Once you have signed up you will be directed to your account and download page.  Each month a new life journal will be available.

This membership is for those people who like to be a part of a supportive community.



Dale Darley

Writer, journaler and coach who wants to inspire you to pick up a pen and write. Write for you and write to inspire others. Mum to three beautiful rescue dogs and cake lover.