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Monthly Life Journal ONE

simplicity, smiling, friendship and kindness journal coverWriting in a journal is magical

In this monthly life journal, we explore 4 key themes, with 28 journaling prompts:-

Each week we will explore four themes which enable you to better understand yourself and the way you think about things.

  • Week 1 Simplify your Life
  • Week 2 Smiling
  • Week 3 Friendship
  • Week 4 Kindness

Combine these with other powerful reflection exercise and you’ll reach the end of the month with a lot more clarity and understanding of you.

The journal starts off with envisioning the month ahead, we then move into goals, desires and intentions.

Next, we journal through each week, with a daily prompt and lots of reflection.

As the month ends, we look at how it went and reflect on that ready for next month.

You can lose yourself in the prompts at any time of the year.

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