Love to Journal 

Writing Circle and Membership

Love To Journal Monthly Writing Circle...

Connects you with your muse and gives you the power to change your life!

Your journey to you and understanding how you experience life, is a journey with your soul. Everything is designed to guide you through life and your journaling adventure in a positive and we hope a fun way. You will find blogs, courses, books, Love To Journal life journals and the Love To Journal Writing Circle.


Confident steps

A Love To Journal Writing Circle will help you to reveal new layers of confidence, self-love, contentment and inner peace. Learn how to turn your inner critic into your inner coach and boost your self-confidence into the stratosphere.

Through Love To Journal Journaling you can change your thoughts, beliefs and actions and very soon you'll find the inner strength and confidence to make the choices that serve you.


Journaling Books

Putting pen to paper opens up a pathway to clear thinking. Finding clarity is not about the destination, it's about the journey and the gifts you learn along the way.

Let Love To Journal help you to declutter your life and show you how to live a life of simplicity, contentment and inner peace.

VA VA Voom

Express who you are, live a juicy life, and nourish your soul. Bring a little passionate va va voom to your writing and watch your life sparkle.

We Start On 28th Jan 2020


Enrollment opens on 2nd Jan (that's when the button goes live)

I write to find myself and reflect to know what to do about the things I learn 

Love To Journal - How It Works

The Love To Journal course and journals will help you to get better connected to who you are and how you want to experience life. Each week you will work through a theme which is provided in the Love To Journal - Monthly Life Journal. We meet once a month online in a safe space where you can explore and discuss what comes up for you.

The themes take you on a journey and you'll get chance to explore and discuss what these mean to you, your life and personal growth when we meet.

You will learn about...


  • Learning about the power of journaling
  • Making time to journal
  • The best way of journaling for you
  • Connecting with your muse


  • Learning about the power of reflecting
  • When to reflect
  • Getting the best out of reflective practice
  • Learning how to reframe
  • What have you learned?
  • Life Writing

    • What is life writing?
    • Having fun with your creativity
    • Releasing your negative thoughts and bringing the fun back into your life

    Monthly Kick-Start

    • How to have a magical month
    • What do you want to create?
    • Setting goals, desires or intentions

    You will move on to your weekly themes and wrap up your month with gratitude and reflection

    Journaling Books

    There will be:

    • A new journal each month (PDF)
    • New journaling exercises each month
    • New mandalas to colour in

    Your month circle meeting...

    We will:

    • Meet monthly for one hour
    • I will introduce a subject for us to muse over
    • You will have the opportunity to work with partners
    • We will conclude with some actions going forward
    writing to heal

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