Learning To Inspire You To Journal And Discover Inner Peace

Develop a passion for learning and you will always be growing.

Journaling Courses

Writing is incredibly healing. The very act of writing releases tension and allows your subconscious thoughts to flow. Then upon reflection, you begin to see sense, patterns, ways through your problems and onto to solutions, ideas and inspiration.

Love To Journal

writing to heal

On this subscription based course you will be able to explore journaling, reflective writing and creative life writing. 

Each month you will get a new PDF life journal as well as exercises to inspire you.

Journaling Through Your Life's Stories

In this course you will go on a journaling journey through your memories with your journal. When you explore you will discover lots about your life's stories and may discover what your memoir could be about...

Turn Your Journal Into a Book

Confident steps

Turn your journal into a book helps you to find themes and stories in your journal. Then how to craft them into a non-fiction book.

Finding Peace Journaling Challenge

Finding Peace Journal Challenge

Over the course of 12 days you will get some food for thought, ideas for the day and some journaling prompts. Designed for those that are looking for some peace, are new to journaling or who want some journaling inspiration.

5 Day Self-Love Journaling Challenge

5 day Challenge (1)

This 5 day journaling challenge has been designed to give you a kick-start to find space in your heart for self-love.

Creating A Daily Self-Love Practice

Daily self-love practice

In this course you will learn how to create a unique daily self-love practice just for you. The course covers, mind, body, soul and spirit.

They say Dale's courses

The class provides high quality information for anyone wanting a rich, journal writing practice.

I found this course extremely beneficial for my needs, conveyed in easy to understand language, with good examples along the way. The tutor was easy to listen to and held my attention. Her explanations and guidance throughout the course was most helpful.

LOVE the quality of Dale's voice, the excellent materials, the well laid out content. I've just started and I'm already very impressed!

This course teaches you ways to get inspired and learn from your journaling and short story writing, than just writing for the sake of it. It aims at the student being able to REFLECT and mindfully write either a story or a journal entry, so they can later analyze it further and maybe even turn regular entries in to short stories that answer questions about the student's life and how they could potentially solve a problem. Either that or find who they really are and get to know themselves much better. Dale (the instructor) Darley seems to know her stuff and she is a welcoming, always solid but also amenable and affable presence, enough to make you WANT to do all the extra work this course asks for. I did almost ALL the exercises and let me tell you, there IS a bunch here to learn and do. All in all, a GREAT course, a super nice and knowledgeable instructor and I will be revising this course for a long time after having ended it. Thanks!


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