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Recognising And Celebrating Who You Are

When did you last stop and say I am celebrating who I am? I don’t mean you celebrated a birthday or anniversary, I mean you took a good look at yourself and high fived yourself for just being you.

We are all in the process of evolving and becoming a better version of who we were just a moment ago, even if it doesn’t feel like it – you are. Yet when we get to the end of the day we rarely say ‘Hey you. You did well.’

Maybe it feels strange celebrating the small stuff?

Is it perhaps that because the way that we evolve is barely noticeable that we simply sweep it under the carpet?

Take a moment to consider how you got to this point in your life. I think of it a process where we go through revolution, revelation and into evolution.

Let’s explore…

What is revolution, revelation and evolution?

Revolution is about systems and structures, evolution is about people and genetics. Systems and structures can evolve and people can revolt, but what are they really and how can we use revolution and evolution to change the way in which we lead, love and laugh?

Humans are adaptable, creative and innovative and we have an amazing ability to change and to create change. That can be abrupt and rapid change when faced with something that may be unacceptable, scary, frustrating but equally creative and innovative. Or it can be slow and considered change.

Without revolution, you cannot evolve and without evolution, there is no space to revolt. One begets the other. One is slow, the other fast. One has well placed and considered passion, the other has often has explosive and fiery passion. They are the yin and yang of life.

In the midst of revolution comes revelation which allows the unfurling of evolutionary change.


Revolution originally comes from the way in which the planets revolve. Not that I am a scientist, but for me, that means something fairly predictable since we know that all of the planets move in typically fixed ways – they revolve around each other.

Though of course despite the planets moving in a pattern, there will always be other cosmic interruptions which do not form the norm and are therefore not predictable. And so you can imagine that as the disruptions from the skies erupted and disturbed man the word revolution changed (evolved) to mean something else.

Often when I think about revolution, what comes to mind are fights, wars, battles, disorder, governments being overthrown, blurred lines, no winners and certainly nothing remotely predictable.

But I also feel that revolutions can be born out a desire to create change quickly. People who subscribe to revolution want to crush old ways and make way for new order but not necessarily with that associated fear, frustration and anger.

Revolution can be about resolution without obliteration. Revolution can be about innovation, creativity and change for the good but with rapid growth pains.

Revelation (AKA your wake up call)

Imagine receiving a divine message, one that asks you to wake up and to uncover what is already known to you? How annoying to discover that everything was already inside of you but you just didn’t realise it.

Does knowledge accumulate or is it something that is also already known to you, but it needs slowing uncovering through life’s lessons? Consider the knowledge you will have gained as your life progresses. It appears cumulative and in small chunks. Or is it and does it matter how it comes as long as you take an active role in doing something with that knowledge?

Nothing is going to change because of the knowledge you have about a situation. What changes is the insight you gain from reflection? It is the knitting together different strands of knowledge and interweaving them with reflections that give you an epiphany and true insight.

It is through the insight you gain from each revelation that helps you to become a different person. And with your suitcase full of revelations you can start a new journey and evolve into the person you are destined to become and have always been.


Evolution is about the gradual change of populations across generations. It is about transformation as people respond to their environment. It is a gradual development of anything. It is expansion into who you are meant to be.

What of your own personal revolution and evolution?

Think for a moment of every revolution in your life. Times of abrupt change, followed by times of quiet consideration. Eruptions, solitude, eruptions, quietude and so your personal world revolves and evolves.

Naturally and sadly your personal revolution could have been violent. Not all of the changes you go through are pleasant. Divorce, redundancy, death are just a few of life’s less fun events, but without them, there would not be an opportunity for change. These short-lived radical outbursts create pivot points for change and a time to breathe. They create opportunities for evolution. They present revelations.

If nothing had happened to me, if I hadn’t travelled this path, I wouldn’t have beautiful gifts to share. You too will receive gifts from your adventures.

And here you are, recognise how you got here

All of your life has been revolution, revelation and evolution and what is often missing is recognising and celebrating who you are. Right now is the time for this to end.

Right now is the time for you to celebrate the small stuff, the everyday stuff, the stuff that goes to make you the person you are.

How can you bring celebrating you into everyday life?

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” – Oprah Winfrey

I love to spell words out and use them for journaling ideas. Here’s a few for you.

Celebrating you – journaling ideas


Think about what you have created today? It could be the best peanut butter and jam sandwich, but equally, it could be something that you have done that has contributed to your goals or community.


How have you evolved today? What one small step have you taken towards your best self? Today I took the final step in celebration and took some time out to be in the now. I needed to recharge my batteries and it was certainly a gift.


What have you learned today? I have a journal that I write my lessons in life in. I ask what life lesson have I learned today? One of my lessons in life was ‘do not assume’. I had assumed something about my nutritionist and I was wrong. I am celebrating that I was open and I learned something important.


In what ways have you evolved today? These are the small things, the ones that you rarely notice.


Bravery can be about trying something new. Perhaps something that you might not have tackled before like risking being wrong. What about setting boundaries with someone for the first time? What have you done today that is a big step in being brave?


One of the best ways to get clarity when journaling is to go back and read what you have written and reflected on it. It is in reflecting that you will find loads of insight and aha’s.


So did you have an adventure today? I think every day is an adventure, even if it seems mundane. There is always something new to embrace. What happened on your adventure today?


Truth is what frees us.

“The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I Am.” – Eckhart Tolle

Reflect on this quote and consider how you experience who you are, not as things or labels, but more – how you experience life as you.


When you don’t listen to your intuition you will miss the good stuff. That little voice in your head is guiding you. Listen. When you listen celebrate that you did. I was driving down the mountain when my voice said go slower. I moved from 5th to 3rd and crawled into the next outcrop of houses and what did I see? A mummy Podenco with her baby crossing the road. I celebrated their lives and that I listened.


We hear about being in the now all the time and yet we rarely simply sit and be with the now. Busy, busy seems to be the norm.  A reward and celebration at the end of the day is time with you. I like to end my day with meditation. It’s time to switch off and celebrate another day well-lived.


Think of all the goodness in your life. Surely this is worth celebrating. Where did goodness show up today?

And finally a note on self-love

To be able to celebrate you I believe that you must do this from a place of self-love. When you love yourself you can achieve anything. I’ll leave you with this question – do I love myself enough to?

Journaling prompts

Grab your journal, pick one or two and explore.

  • When did you last stop and celebrate who you are?
  • How awake and aware are you, of who you are and your divine wisdom?
  • What is the biggest revelation you have had from your day (week, month, year, life)?
  • In what ways have you evolved today??
  • What did you create today that you want to celebrate?
  • What one small step have you taken towards your best self?
  • What opportunities did you seize today?
  • What have you learned today?
  • What have you done today that is a big step in being brave?
  • What boundaries did you set today?
  • When you listened to your intuition today what did you discover?
  • What have you done to switch off today? How did that work for you?
  • When will you take some time today to be in the now?
  • Where did goodness show up today?

If you love journaling and getting to the heart of who you are, you will love The Journaling Club. We’d love to welcome you in.

Lessons In Life Life: Lesson #1: It’s Ok To Be Angry

In this first lessons in life, I consider why it’s ok to be angry.

Recently I have felt a lot of anger arise quickly and dissipate just as quickly. Years ago, I would have suppressed my anger as something that was inappropriate and not to be shown. Then when I couldn’t bottle it any longer I would explode. It felt like an ugly emotion rather than an igniter.

The anger I have felt hasn’t been directed at anyone in the moment; it’s been more that I have been angry at situations that are quite beyond my control.

They have, I realise, been situations which have pulled at my heartstrings, crossed boundaries and my values. Like hearing that a puppy in our village had died of parvo, which could have been prevented had the owners vaccinated it. It hurt to think of that little life gone because of irresponsible behaviour.

But it is much deeper than that.

As a mum of 3 rescue dogs who are my life, what I felt was in reality, what if something happened to them? What if they were not here? I know that one day they won’t be here. They are so precious to me. They don’t live as long as us.

I do whatever I can to give them a good life. I am your typical doting furbaby mum; they have me very firmly wrapped around their paws.

It was the injustice that I was angry about. It was also about a life barely begun, snuffed out in such a terrible way. I felt the same way yesterday when I found a dead kitten in the rambla. I have no idea how it died. I moved it out of the path, made a grave, and said a prayer.

What I am noticing more and more is that, as soon as my anger arises, I reframe. In this recent example, I thought how do I support this family and help rehome the rest of the puppies? It felt good to witness and acknowledge the rapid rise and fall of my emotions rather than to suppress them and to consider what would be a better way to channel that feeling?

I remember, again in our village, a horrible man who thought that the reason I had come to live here was funny.

I’d left a man who was living a double life. One evening I made a horrible discovery, and six weeks later, with nowhere else to go, I came here. I travelled 1000’s of miles to a run-down old house in the hills.

This man taunted me whenever he could. One day one of my dogs had escaped the house and was near his. I came out of the house to see this man dragging my dog up the road. Ferdy was being strangled with his front paws in the air, with his back paws barely touching the road.

It really was too much for me, and a red mist descended. I went mental, much to this man’s surprise and to the surprise of the builder in my house who commented on my swearing and temper.

Was it ok to lose it? I guess it served a purpose. However, I ‘should’ have nipped this man’s nastiness in the bud from day one. I didn’t because I was raw with emotional pain. I didn’t know how to respond, and instead, I internalised it. He was in a bully, a plain, ugly, everyday bully, and I’d just left a bully, and it was just too hard to deal with.

The lessons in life I learned about anger

It’s ok to be angry and to embrace what it is showing you as long as you acknowledge it, let it go and decide on another more productive course of action.

When you reframe anger, there is always something more productive you can do.

Anger is always, to my mind, about something much deeper, and that’s where the exploration needs to be focused.

Journaling prompts

  • When do you notice your anger arising? Think situations or themes.
  • What do you learn about your anger?
  • Where do you think your anger originates?
  • Where do you think your anger is showing you? Think how these things are crossing your boundaries or values.
  • How can you reframe your anger so that it is more productive?

Anger reframe exercise

I learned about anchors on an NLP course and decided I would use them productively in my everyday life.

I choose four words for my anger:

  • Rage
  • Anger
  • Annoyed
  • Miffed

Each word was anchored to a finger. When my anger arose, I would press each finger with my thumb, while silently saying the words rage, anger, annoyed and miffed. In a few seconds, I was left barely with an emotion.

As time progressed, I was able to say the sequence in my head until eventually, all I had to say was miffed.

That’s today’s lesson in life, what do you think about anger and how you can use it to do something more productive.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Getting Started With Affirmations For A Better Life

An affirmation is “a declaration that something is true.”

Affirmations bring conscious awareness to your thoughts. Interestingly when you start making conscious positive thoughts, you actually become more aware of the negative thoughts that often threaten to take over. It’s like having a little gremlin sitting on your shoulder, saying ‘no you can’t.

Dr. Joanne Wood at the University of Waterloo examined whether affirmations made students feel better.  68 students were asked to repeat to themselves every 15 seconds, “I am a lovable person.”  Those with high self-esteem felt better, those with low self-esteem felt worse.  She theorizes that those with low self-esteem feel worse because they did not believe the statements and also they could not resist negative thoughts.  First, they felt bad because they had not responded to the affirmations as they thought they should, and second, they had negative thoughts.

She does go on to say that “positive affirmations can help when they are part of a broader program of intervention.”

And I guess if you are overweight and unfit saying affirmations ‘I am gorgeous and only 9 stone’ you may feel like a bit of a  fraud every time you look in the mirror. Unless you are taking some kind of action to make the weight loss/getting fit actually happen.

There is plenty of research that tells us action follows thought whether by design or desire. We are our thoughts. Thoughts can and do control so much of us. It is estimated that we have over 70,000 thoughts a day. Goodness only knows how the scientists work this out.

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. Buddha

How are thoughts carried around?

Our nervous system, contains cells called neurons and glia (astrocytes), these cells are our messengers. Neurons make the connections and deliver the action and glia are the support team. It is estimated that the brain alone consists of at least 100 billion neurons, that’s a lot of cells doing a lot of complicated work on our behalf.

Thoughts are messengers, some conscious, some unconscious, some mind chatter, some highly trained and focused and some simply wandering, all being carried along by neurons who signal action. In this moment whilst reading this, what thoughts are rattling around your brain?

Your brain, both hemispheres are doing a lot of work. Right hemisphere is in the moment and left is more considered, the right big picture, the left detail and this amazing organ, which still confounds man is a very large thought processing machine.

Ian McGilchrist (The Master and his Emissary) shares with us that the right hemisphere contributes to a way of being that senses context and the interrelated whole nature of reality, whereas the left focuses on text and the individual parts that comprise the world. Despite our tendency to split the brain operation, it must be remembered that at anyone time the whole brain is being used.

Naturally thoughts about, for example how to drive a car to a particular destination will account for a lot of these. Thinking about resolving a problem or how to create something new will occupy another large chunk, making our body work and responding to stimuli account for some more and then there are the gremlins that lurk.

Creating affirmations and overcoming gremlins

It is these gremlins that sabotage our affirmations.

Recently I was invited to a five-day challenge where I had to write five days of affirmations and that each affirmation had to be handwritten 55 times, in the following format.

Dear universe, god, grace or source, I am grateful for xxx and I feel yyy.

This to me is a little more positive than saying ‘I am gorgeous’ and so after some reflection, my first affirmation was:-

Dear Universe, I am grateful for having optimum health and energy. I feel amazing and I can achieve anything.

Before I started I was thinking of all of the things that I would love to manifest, I concluded that unless I had optimum health and energy, everything else that I might affirm could be a waste of time.

On day two I wrote an affirmation around possibilities and opportunities and stated that I am open to opportunities and possibilities that…

This time instead of stating I am, and acting as if, I wanted to tell myself that the world is a changing place and that opportunities and possibilities abound everywhere and by being open to them, chances are I would be able to benefit and capitalize on them.

The key is that I actually take steps every day to improve my health and energy. I eat a great diet, drink lots of water, exercise and I am mindful about what I do.

When set in the context of an achievable goal, affirmations can be positive and life changing. Affirmations can re program what we believe about ourselves and if done for the greater good or our higher self, then that can only be good.

Step 1 – journaling and reflecting

We have already identified that affirmations can bring up our gremlins, which is where I find journaling to be very effective.

  • Take a step back; identify what your gremlins are
  • Add in the facts, as you perceive them
  • State what your gremlins are and are not
  • Now detach yourself and look at them as if they were in a movie and happening to someone else, what do you notice in observing them from a distance?
  • Take some time out and reflect – what do you learn?
  • How might you advise someone else with this particular gremlin fever?

In doing this exercise you are allowing yourself and your thoughts to gain some insight into your perceived issue, which will allow you the opportunity of creating a well formed affirmation that wont get attacked and sabotaged.

You are more likely to be able to create positive affirmations if you are in a positive frame of mind.

For the challenge I was intrigued about the number 55. Why I wondered did I need to write it 55 times and did 55 hold any energetic vibration that would make this a more powerful activity?

According to Angel Numbers, 55 is a potent number as it carries twice the vibration of a number five.

“Angel Number 55 is a message from your angels that it is time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you, and get ready for big changes to take place in your life. Release old doubts, fears and perceived obstacles and look forward to wonderful new opportunities.”

Which makes senses if you consider that by creating really powerful, well constructed affirmations we are telling ourselves that we want to make changes. That works for me.

The writing part also makes sense to me. Writing is cathartic and connects you to your thoughts. The act of writing enables you to link up with the machine and lock into place the positive thoughts that you want to use to re programme your unconscious mind, for positive outcomes.

Step two – goals, affirmations and action plans

  • Identify a belief, habit, attitude or situation that you want to change
  • Create a goal for what you want
  • Start your affirmations with something you can believe
  • Build on the series, so that each time you re-affirm you make it just a little bit more stretching, whilst still being believable
  • Use visualization to create a mental picture of what it would be like when you are / have what you want – make it bigger and brighter
  • Try the being open to opportunities and possibilities angle
  • Then move onto the as if using I AM statements, always make your affirmations in the present tense
  • Add in the emotions you feel when you have achieved your goal
  • Then identify the actions you are going to take to make this a reality
  • Make sure you hand write your affirmations, 55 seems like a good a number as any, it takes time and some focus
  • Say your affirmation out loud to yourself a few times during the day
  • Then create an action plan

I also like the idea of putting post-it notes around the house so that you can see what you are aiming for and making adjustments as needed.

I did want to ask for a Porsche Carrera S in Red, but it seemed a little shallow, so instead I am affirming things that I have some control over and actually speak to me on a spiritual wealth level.

Affirmations can create the energy you need to set fire to your goals and light the way to your dreams.

What about you, what would you like to manifest through your well-formed affirmations?


Wood, J., Elaine Perunovic, W., & Lee, J. (2009). Positive Self-Statements: Power for Some, Peril for Others. Psychological Science, 20 (7), 860-866  –

McGilchrist – The Master and his Emissary

This Is The Year To Create A Healthy Heart Connection

Every year I find myself pulled towards some specific aspect of personal growth and this year was no exception, it was looking at how to create a healthy heart connection. And using this heart connection to support breaking the bonds that tie me to the past.

I find that I feel pulled towards one of my energy centres. Last year was all about the root chakra and feeling grounded and rebuilding my foundations.

My spine had fractured and I felt unsupported. Over the year, I rebuilt my body and my faith in my ability to heal naturally.

In 2016, I was working around the throat and sacral area. My blood tests had shown that I had an overactive thyroid. Which I solved with nutrition, energy healing and journaling. It was also the energy centre that I had struggled with most.

Like many, I’d felt that I’d had a lifetime of being silenced and not heard.

As 2016 drew to a close I found that the throat was not the only call on my soul; the sacral also poked its nose in and asked to be heard. As the year drew to a close, I felt a stirring to express myself creatively again and to reawaken my relationship with myself.

Creativity and expressing myself creatively was another part of me that felt neglected and I certainly didn’t feel confident to try to put my mark on the world by expressing myself in this way.

2017 heralded a growing desire to become more artistic in the way that I live. I explored this part of me and then shut it away. It was if I needed to lay the foundations for a later time.

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Living from the heart connection and centre

When I look back on what I was initially calling the worst year ever, I realise there were many gifts. One of which was being called (or yanked) back to working from my heart centre.

Here I can express who I am and how I want to experience life as well as continuing this discovery into my creativity.

This year I ventured out to embark on some art classes. Which I loved, especially painting my dogs. Though I confess not everything turned out well…

I often feel that while my creativity has not necessarily been neglected, it feels like it needs more attention.

This pulling towards creativity and my heart made me slightly as if I was going around in circles. Hadn’t I been here before?

You only have to look to numerology to gain some insights. 2019 is a 3 year and is partway through a nine-year cycle which started in 2017.


Looking back to 2017 I can see how the seeds were being planted. Despite it feeling frustrating, it was just the scattering of things to come.

What about you? Look back to 2017 and ask what seeds you planted for growth. Can you remember?

In nature, seeds are planted all year. Each seed has unique requirements, and the gardener will attend to its needs as required and with love. You are your seed and your gardener, and it’s up to you to create the best environment for you to flourish.

What can you remember about the seeds that you planted?

The seeds that you planted should now be being expressed as delicious ideas. If they are not, perhaps you simply parked them until now and as you explore in your journal they will come back to you.

What ideas does your heart want to come into your life?

Look at business, projects, communities, writing, art, nutrition, travel, relationships, in fact, all areas.

By combining the heart and love with the seeds planted they will have a better chance of bearing fruit. Won’t they?

What could happen if you brought the heart to what you do instead of mind?

Perhaps you already do. I do, however, I am expressing my desire to deepen that connection and to explore my hearts desires and creativity from many different angles.

All of my journaling books have come from a deep desire to create a beautiful connection with my inner wisdom that I hope reaches others hearts and allows them to explore who they are in a positive way.

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What about your intentions?

What intentions did you start the New Year with and how are they still relevant?

Did you start the year with intentions? I didn’t set any in stone or write any out, in fact, I couldn’t express what I wanted. And as you know a few weeks in and I was floored.

What I did instead is to choose words to kick-start the year, they were writing, expansion and transformation. Then I asked my heart for some growth words, I was given fun, faith and love.  

One thing is for sure I needed faith and love to heal and later I could see how making this fun and learning to laugh again was vital.

Writing, expansion and transformation

Writing – My three key projects are:-

  • My heart project, which is my Colour My Life and Love To Journal journaling books
  • A soul project which is Moving in (a novel)
  • And a core project which is Blog Your Book (courses, a book and programs)

Expansion – this carries forward the writing. The writing will help me to expand into how I desire to experience life, and I ask my clients to look for expansion in their work. It’s about taking a seed of an idea and expanding it so that it becomes something you feel is your passion, purpose, why and what.

Transformation – this is what happens when you work from your heart, on your heart project. Creating different kinds of journaling books has certainly transformed my thinking and how I am experiencing life and finding out more about me.

Love, faith and fun

Love – is connected to the heart and is Universal. We are love, there is only love, we are united by love. Love helps us to grow and supports the world to grow. I am learning just a bit more about loving me – perfectly, imperfect.

Faith – is about having faith after being so ill. Faith that all will be ok. I certainly had my faith tested and now I know I am not alone.

Fun – last year wasn’t much fun and so I have been finding fun in every day and remembering to laugh again.

My healthy heart connection

Through my writing and actions, being authentic, genuine, real and continuing to be kind, showing compassion, learning more about forgiveness and creating a deeper connection to my spirituality, my healthy heart connection will grow.

How do you think you give and receive love?

It’s not such an easy question to answer. When you look at the word love it seems so small, just four letters, yet it has such an impact on the world and our inner world.

My heart has been hurt, as I am sure some of you reading this will acknowledge that as a truth for you. However, my focus is not about focusing on healing those wounds. My focus is on how to stay in the energy of my heart connection so that I can grow from here. It’s where I feel my spirit resides and she wants to come out to play and to explore. This needs to be a natural connection with nature balanced way.

You’ll never find peace of mind until you listen to your heart. George Michael

Balancing the spirit with the energy of love

If a fire rages and goes out of control, untold damage will be done. In conjunction with calming the mind, and connecting with your heart, it is important to balance the spirit. When you discover what keeps your fire burning, you can then focus on how you can maintain the conditions for keeping it alight. We need the energy of the flame to keep us connected to our soul and to ourselves as a divine being.

Love is that energy. Often the energy of the heart becomes cluttered, and we lose sight of how to love us because of the way that we talk to ourselves. In truly being able to love us, we can then find partners, form relationships and create environments, which match that energy. How wonderful to be able to express love for others and this world from a beautiful place – our hearts.

Does creating a healthy heart connection resonate with you?

If it does set your intentions and find time to open the channels for communication.

Heart Connection Journaling Prompts

  • What can you remember about the seeds that you planted?
  • What ideas does your heart want to come into your life?
  • What could happen if you brought the heart to what you do instead of mind?
  • What intentions did you start the New Year with and how are they still relevant?
  • How does creating a healthy heart connection resonate with you?

I’ll leave you with this heart meditation.

To explore a deeper connection with your heart through journaling, read Colour My Life – A journey to self-love.